Our Unique Educative Methodology makes us
“The Right Tutor” for your Child’s Bright Career

Nurturing curiosity among students to learn and apply concepts”
Annual Course Planner: Course progression as per annual Course -cum- Test Planner & Timely course completion, is the most crucial feature for outstanding performance of our students
  1. Personalized learning experience as per individual needs with very high index of Learning, Understanding & Application
  2. Focused for success in Olympiad, IIT JEE Advanced, KVPY & NEET
  3. Special focus on Enhancing Applicative Skills through strong concept building for efficient problem-solving
  4. Dedicated daily assignments solving session (3 hours) under watch of faculties
  5. Detailed discussion of weekly test papers
  6. Student Teacher Ratio –1:4 [best personal interactions, multiple revisions] Batch Size: 12 students
  7. Grooming your child for 7 hours per day x 6 days a week
  8. Preparation of entire 10th board & 12th boards syllabus (including bifocal) along with competitive exams under one roof
  1. Group learning experience with above average Learning & Understanding Index
  2. Focused preparation for IIT JEE Adv. & JEE Mains, MHCET & NEET
  3. Focus on strengthening fundamentals
  4. Dedicated three doubt solving sessions per week
  5. Detailed online solution of weekly test
  6. Student Teacher Ratio – 1:12 [general interactions]
  7. Batch size: 36 students (max) 8 hours per day x 4 days a week
  8.  Entire 12th board subject syllabus (including bifocal) covered

Highly talented & Energetic Faculties

  • All are IITians & Doctors
  • Experience between 8 to 16 years
  • Have mentored top rankers of various exams under different coaching brands

Lucid Conceptual Presentation

  • Detailed explanation of each concept
  • Build basics by illustrating physical usage & applications of these concepts
  • Focus on making science enjoyable

Comfortably Adapt to increased study load

  • Focused mentoring by explaining “over-all rationale” of the concepts/topics and its importance in overall scheme of learning
  • Helping them memorize concepts through multiple example illustrations

Well planned teaching content

  • 2-d / 3-d models to illustrate concepts
  • Soft & Hard format reference materials
  • Recorded classroom Lecture videos for seamless multiple revisions
  • Practice problems of various types & levels

Uniquely Designed Online Tests

  • Topic wise self-assessment tests
  • “Uniquely designed” weekly online tests
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled platform for identification of weak topic-subtopics & improvement areas
  • Paper patterns vary as per exam needs [IIT JEE Advanced | JEE Mains | NEET | MHCET | BITSAT]

Pre & Post Competitive Exam Assistance

  • Guidance regarding list of useful exams to be attempted at class 12thlevel
  • We stand firm with you in moments of anxiety, after publication of results, of competitive exams [IIT JEE Advanced | JEE Mains | NEET | MHCET] to exercise choice of picking right college campus & course
  • Inquisitive Approach of Teaching:Focus on “inquisitive approach” of learning science (i.e., knowing what, how and why of each concept) among our students. We accomplish these through “crystal clear” understanding of concepts with real life physical examples and 2-D or 3-D visualization models in easy & enjoyable manner.
  • Developing Right Aptitude of Problem Solving:The toughest part in “process of teaching” for a tutor is developing right aptitude of problem solving among their students. We guide students with key identifiers to develop right thought process to apply learned concepts for problem solving.
  • Internalizing Learnt Concepts: The regular problem & doubt solving lectures, apart from regular theory lectures, are utilized to conduct “regular classroom quizzes”that helps in internalizing learnt concepts through multiple revisions. We encourage students to learn more from teacher through these sessions.

Ever-growing Trust Board: We are driven by mantra of advertising our “fulfilled commitments” & not just promises. Our mantra has put us distinctively and has been wholeheartedly appreciated by parents & students. Our ever-growing rich pool of satisfied parents & students due to our dedicated tutoring & objective mentoring is our “cherished treasure”.